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hey guys good morning to all anyone here can help me install fglrx-legacy driver on my notebook hxr9: Has the configs got some sort of make directive? Something like: mkdir configs I can't seem to get it done genii: yes I did that, it does that exactly and then asks for a name and some other stuff and I type anything and it says "illegal characters" hxr9: If you look at the tutorial I linked, it's actually quite long and detailed, a lot of effort went into making it so solid and safe. But since it's not your specific issue, I can't go much beyond that genii: okay thanks hxr9: Also, there is a subdirectory within /etc called "scripts" that may contain scripts that you could try if the make and mke2fs command failed genii: yeah i tried the root command that you gave me, it didn't work hxr9: If you can put a pastebin of the command and output somewhere I can take a look genii: i really have no idea where to put the output or where it's going to be saved hxr9: Use terminal like:

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